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Meet The Beard Family!


We love our Wellness families and they want to share their journey with you!

“Chiropractic has positively impacted each member of our family uniquely. As parents, our understanding and awareness of overall wellness for ourselves and our 3 children has by far been the most impactful.

We began chiropractic care with our son Connor 5 years ago, and as we continued to see improvements in him, we began to wonder about possible benefits for our daughter and for ourselves. When our youngest was born and had a brief stay in the NICU, we felt that having him adjusted would continue to support his development.

While each of our children had a very different concern that led us to starting chiropractic care, our experience every time has been consistent. We have seen improvements and changes in our children that are well beyond the initial concern that we started with!

Our journey with chiropractic over the last 5 years has been an amazing one for our entire family. Chiropractic care has truly helped us approach wellness differently!”

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