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Chiropractic Care

Handling Stress Better

Dr. John adjusting a patientDaily, we are subjected to various stressors that affect our health. These can come from physical, chemical, environmental or emotional sources, and they all take a toll on our nervous system’s ability to function.

Chiropractic care is a method of removing stress or interference from the nervous system by restoring proper spinal alignment so the nervous system can return to its optimal function.

When the nervous system functions correctly, the body can heal itself naturally. You experience relief from symptoms, and, more importantly, you start feeling like you’re supposed to. When your nervous system and body are functioning as they should, your body can handle everyday stress better.

Our Approach

At Wellness Revolution, we focus on meeting each patient where they are. Of course, “wellness” is part of our name, and achieving wellness is our hope for everyone! Patients often seek our care for relief from a particular condition, and their results include so much more than pain relief—they realize they feel like themselves again. A few of the exciting health benefits of regular chiropractic care include:

  • Improved energy
  • Feeling healthy overall
  • Better sleep
  • Thinking more clearly
  • Improved ability to focus

For most adult patients, we offer Diversified adjustments. We also use drop tables and the Activator Method®, in addition to specialized techniques for pediatrics and pregnancy care. Some people are nervous about visiting a chiropractor, so Dr. John explains everything—there are never any surprises.

Dr. John’s extensive training and experience allow him to provide the highest level of care. He holds the following advanced certifications:

  • Certified in the Webster Technique
  • Pediatric Experience (PX) Chiropractor

Tracking Your Progress

We utilize Insight™ scans to determine the state of your nervous system at the start of care. Every 12 visits, we re-examine you to assess your progress and determine what the best next step for you is. This way, we are always treating you where you are, and you’re not committing to lengthy care plans. When patients reach their functional goals, many choose to continue with maintenance care to keep their bodies healthy and working their best.

We Want You to Function Your Best

We look forward to helping you function optimally! Contact us today to schedule.

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