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Chiropractic and The Belief Triangle

Beliefs shape our lives. Our beliefs dictate every action we take and those actions dictate the results and outcomes. Let’s dive a little deeper into this understanding.

One of the distinctions between chiropractic and most belief systems today is that your body is self-healing and self-regulating. This belief empowers us because we trust our bodies to always do the best it can with the lifestyle we create for it. The better decisions we make – in regards to how we eat, move and think – the better our wellness outcomes will be. If you look at the news today, you are bombarded with commercials indicating that your health is based on luck, bugs or your genes. This belief system creates victims. This is the single most challenge with our current healthcare system. We have created a victim culture where people are apathetic toward creating health in their lives.

The second belief that fuels us at Wellness Revolution is that your nervous system is the master control system of the body. Your nervous system is negatively affected by stress. Stress causes disturbance in the nervous system and prevents it to adapting as well as it should. That is the power of chiropractic: making sure your nervous system is able to adapt to whatever your life throws at you. Your nervous system runs your entire life and making sure it’s working optimally is essential to living your BEST life.

These two beliefs cause us and our patients to look at life differently.

We take different actions:

–  We exercise regularly

–  We think positively

–  We eat clean

–  We get adjusted regularly, not only when we are in pain

With these actions, we are engaging in our health and we also see the results of:

–  Less sickness

–  No need for prescription medication

–  More energy

–  Better sleep

If you believe the way we believe or if you want to learn more about how to live a better life, let’s sit down, see where you are on your journey and where you’re motivated to go.

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